How to Wear a Pocket Watch



Chains come is many colors, metals, styles, lengths and designs. The most common chain styles are the belt hook type which slides over the belt and the spring ring, trigger hook and lobster claw types which hook to a belt loop.

Spring Ring Chain      Belt Hook Chain


Holders, Fobs, Loops and Straps:


A leather pocket watch holder slides over the belt. The pocket watch is protected inside the holder and attaches with a spring ring, trigger hook or lobster claw chain to either the holder itself or to a belt loop.

A leather fob is used like a pocket watch chain. Attach the buckle end of the fob to the bow of the watch. Slide your belt through the loop on the other end.

A leather belt loop slides over the belt and then a standard spring ring, trigger hook or lobster claw chain is attached to the loop.

A leather strap is used to carry a pocket watch in either the watch pocket (usually found on jeans) or the front pocket, with or without a fob.

Brown Premium Leather Holder           Black Premium Leather Holder

           Leather Pocket Watch Fob

Leather Pocket Watch Strap       Leather Pocket Watch Loop


Vest Chains:

Vest chains can be either Single or Double Albert style, with or without a fob drop (optional). A pocket knife is usually paired with the pocket watch on the Double Albert style of chain.

Vest Chains

Pocket watch accessories can be found in our Pocket Watch Accessories Department.

CAUTION: Open face watches are normally carried with the dial facing in toward the body which will be the right direction when reading the time and which places the back of the watch to the outside where bumps or hits cannot damage the crystal.

VERY IMPORTANT: A pocket watch should never be placed unprotected in a pocket with keys, coins, knife, etc. as this will surely break the stem, scratch the case and crack or scratch the crystal.