Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Click on the Contact Us link in the Customer Service area of the menu or use the LiveHelp feature in the upper section of the page.

Can I place my order over the telephone?

Unfortunately PCI regulations do not allow telephone orders since we are not allowed access to your personal credit card information. All orders must be placed through our online payment gateway.

Do you price match?

We will offer price matching on a case by case basis. Please contact us by leaving a message through the Live Help Now feature to discuss any price matching request.

I have an ordering or shipping question...

Please review our Ordering & Shipping page.

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates are calculated based on destination, value and weight of the item(s) in your Shopping Cart. Shipping rates include the actual freight charges, handling and insurance.

To see "real-time" shipping rates add the item(s) into your Shopping Cart and then click the Click to Estimate link from the My Cart panel either in the left menu or top right corner of the website. Select your country, state/province & enter your zip/postcode, then click the Get Shipping Quotes button.

Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?

We welcome orders from Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Israel. Shipping is by USPS (Post Office) First-Class, Priority & Express Mail International.Shipping options and rates can be viewed by following the procedure described above. Estimated international shipping times and Customs information can be viewed on our Ordering & Shipping page.

I have an engraving question...?

Please review our Engraving Information page.

I ordered a watch and went back to view in on your website but I can't find it or it says it is now out of stock. Does this mean you don't have any to ship?

If you purchased the last one we had it will have been removed from the website or now shows "Out of Stock".

Why is my Shopping Cart empty after I add an item?

This is almost always a browser "cookie" related issue.

For an item to be added to a Shopping Cart, "cookies" must be allowed. If anything interferes with "cookies" being set the item will not appear in the cart. The most common cause is the "Security" or "Privacy" level of your browser is set too high. Try lowering this setting normally found in the Tools section of most browsers. Also, if you have an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, try using it. All current IE & Firefox browser versions with the default Medium Privacy Level setting work fine with our Shopping Cart and Check Out pages.

NOTE: We have received several reports of this issue from users of older Mac operating systems.

I need to order a watch that is Out of Stock or more than you currently have in stock. What should I do?

Send us an email using the Contact Us link on our website and give us the make, model and quantity you need. We will contact our suppliers to check availability and email you back as soon as we have some information. We will then work with you to obtain the necessary quantity you need.

I haven't received my order! Where is it?

If your order was shipped by USPS First Class Mail it will take on average 3-6 days to arrive. Priority Mail will take on average 2-3 business days to arrive. If it has been longer than that it probably has arrived at your local Post Office and an attempted delivery was made. The Post Office will only make only one attempted delivery on packages, so if no one is at home to receive it they are supposed to leave a notice to go pick it up.

If you think this may be the case, please contact your local Post Office and inquire.

To track your package please follow the tracking# link in your Shipping Confirmation email for updates to delivery status.

International orders take longer to receive for several reasons. Shipments outside of the US must go through Customs here and in your country before delivery. If shipped by USPS Express Mail International or USPS Priority Mail International you will have a tracking# that will show movement progress through the U.S. Postal System until Customs clearance and the shipment leaves the US, typically from Chicago, New York or Los Angeles depending on where it is going. Once a shipment leaves the U.S. there will be no further tracking information available.

If shipped by USPS First Class Mail International (which has no true tracking#) there is no obligation for the Postal System to scan the Customs Label barcode so there is limited tracking information for this service. Depending upon destination, USPS First Class Mail International can take upwards of 30 days or more to arrive and will be delivered by the Postal System in your country.

UPS maintains possession of international shipments throughout the delivery process and acts as a broker on your behalf and pays any duties up front to expedite packages through Customs, so upon delivery they will collect these associated duties and fees for this service before delivery to the recipient.

I bought a watch from you and am having a problem. Do I send it back to you for service?

We are not a warranty service station and do not maintain a service facility.

The manufacturer or distributor of each brand of watch we sell has their own service center and is responsible for all warranty service. Please follow the instructions on the warranty card that came with the watch to obtain service.

If you have lost or can't find the warranty card, view our Warranty Information page for current contact information.

Do you have any digital pocket watches?

No name brand manufacturer currently makes a classic style pocket watch with an LED or digital display.

Do you have any pocket watches with a lighted dial?

Most digital clip watches will have a backlighted dial. No manufacturer makes a classic style pocket watch with a "lighted" dial that can be read in the dark.

Do you have any musical pocket watches?

There are only two grades of musical pocket watches. The Reuge and Boegli Swiss Made mechanical pocket watches that sell in the thousands of dollars and the low quality Russian Molnija and Vostok brands. We do not sell any of these brands.

Do you have any waterproof pocket watches?

There are no "waterproof" pocket watches. However, some do have a 10ATM or 5ATM water resistance, which is good for causal contact with water, but not full submersion.

Do you have any talking pocket watches?

While there are some wrist watches that will audibly speak the time, no pocket watches have this feature.

Do you have any "Dr Who?" pocket watches?

We are not authorized to sell "Dr Who" branded products. "Dr Who" is a copyrighted franchise and only authorized retailers are licensed to sell their products.

Do you have any cartoon character pocket watches?

Cartoon character pocket watches, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc, are limited edition pieces usually issued only through authorized franchise channels. We do not have any of these novelty items. Try a search on eBay.