Engraving Information

Most pocket watches on our website can be engraved. Some have no engravable areas and will have no engraving options on the watch page. Also, some Swiss Made pocket watches do not have removable covers and cannot be engraved on the inside covers. Each engravable pocket watch will have its own engraving requirements so there will be links on the watch page that are appropriate for that particular model.

Important: After placing the watch in your Shopping Cart, follow the engraving links on its watch page to avoid any engraving conflicts. We ONLY engrave on pocket watches at the time of purchase from us. We do not accept outside engraving jobs for products purchased elsewhere.

Engraving Services:


Standard Initials & Monograms are $5.00. Standard Text Engraving is $10.00.(Engraving charges are calculated per engraving area.) Standard Engraving is usually completed within a couple of days. Rush Engraving is $10.00 extra and is placed at the top of our daily engraving schedule. Select Rush Engraving if you need shipping the same day ordered. 2:00pm Central Time is the cut-off period for Rush Engraving Monday-Thursday. 1:00pm Central Time is the cut-off period for Rush Engraving on Friday.


  Text Area is defined as the inscription location such as Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover. The area selected will determine the character limitations, font size, positioning & spacing.
NOTE: Most high-end pocket watches, such as Jean Marcel, some Classique, and some Jean Pierre have hinge pins that are soldered into place and plated over. This doesn't allow the cover to be removed to jig up into our engraving equipment, so inside cover engraving is not possible on these units. 
  Font Style is defined as the type of character face (Block, Century, Old English, Script or Vanessa). 
  Line of text refers to one series of proportionally spaced characters. Spaces and punctuation marks are included in the character count. The longest line of text and its placement will determine the font size. The more characters on a line, the smaller the font size becomes and consequently the more difficult to read. 19-22 characters per line is limited for the best engraving result. 
  Dates should be in MM-DD-YY (USA format) or DD-MM-YY (European format) with no forward slashes (ex. 11-07-15). Month, day, year spelled out is also acceptable (ex. July 15, 2015).
  Last Name Initial is a single capital letter used most often on crest or shield areas. 
  Standard Initial(s): First-Middle-Last name initials are in all capital letters of equal height and can be used either on the front or back of plain cover models. However, we recommend standard initials be placed on the front cover, which is the traditional location. Standard initials are often placed vertically within a shield area or crest. Using trailing periods with initials is not recommended and should be avoided. This causes initials to be off-set to the left and will make them appear not visually centered. It is often difficult to get precise centering on small oval, crests or shields for initial(s), so absolute perfect alignment cannot be guaranteed. 
  Monograms are First-Last-Middle name initials and are available in either Straight, Circular or Interlocking styles (see examples below). These are traditionally placed on the front of plain cover pocket watches and are proportioned at appx. 1/2 - 3/4 of the watch diameter depending upon the curvature of the cover.

Do not confuse a Monogram with Standard Initial(s) engraving as they are not interchangeable. Standard initials abbreviates a full name in the order of first, middle, and last name. For example, John F. Kennedy's initials would be JFK. A monogram, however, is where the first letter of the last name is placed in the center and made larger than the other two letters. As such, his monogram would be JKF.
IMPORTANT: A monogram is not appropriate on a shield, crest, oval or any other small standard initials areas.


Most pocket watches will have some degree of engine spinning on the inside cover(s) which can make the engraving more difficult to read. This procedure is done to help cover any manufacturing flaws. Only a few higher quality watches have mirror finish interiors. Where possible we suggest engraving on the outside cover, either front or back, on plain cover pocket watches. This will always produce the most legible and pleasing engraving rather than on the textured surface of an inside cover. Century is the recommended font when engraving on an inside cover.

Please do not request ALL CAPITAL text in either OLD ENGLISH, SCRIPT or VANESSA as this looks strange and most likely will not fit in the space allowed since upper case letters take up much more space than lower case letters. ALL CAPITAL text looks best using the BLOCK or CENTURY font.

Make the inscription as compact and balanced as possible. It's not necessary to use complete sentences with proper punctuation to convey a sentiment. Avoid the "Gift Card" From: ... To: ... format in your inscription. Keep it simple and to the point!!

Line 1:   Happy birthday darling
Line 2:   You are my sweetheart
Line 3:  and I will always love you.

The above example is too long, not well balanced, and will not fit into the engraving form. Inscriptions are limited to no more than 19-22 characters per line which includes spaces and punctuation marks. Try to keep the longest line in the center or Line 2 (22 characters max). This will have the least effect on the font size since it is across the diameter of the engravable area and will give better balance to the inscription.

Line 1:     Sweetheart
Line 2:  Happy Birthday
Line 3:    Love Always

Practice writing out your inscription on paper in the exact wording and layout you want. If it's too long or doesn't make sense on paper, it won't look right when engraved either! A Circular Monogram will look fine with a Block or a Century text inscription but will look odd mixed with Old English or Script. An Interlocking Monogram looks best with a Script text inscription.

HINTS: Avoid punctuation marks like periods, commas, dashes, slashes, hyphens, etc. (unless they are absolutely required, such as dashes in a numeric date: 07-15-15 or a comma in a text date: July 23, 2015). The exception is the use of the "&" symbol (see popular engraving phrases below) which saves space and looks fine. Also, using a period to end a sentence (as in the poorly worded example above) is just wasting space!!

Capitalizing the first letter of each major word (not prepositions like: of, to, with, etc. as in the popular engraving phrases below) will make the inscription stand out and give a great appearance.

If you need to insert special characters, follow this link for instructions: Alt. Character Table

Remember, a consistent, well balanced, concise text inscription will always produce the best engraving result!!

Popular Engraving Phrases:

  • Always & Forever
  • Together Forever
  • This Day Forward
  • Now & For Always
  • On Our Wedding Day
  • My Love Always
  • Best Man & Friend
  • Father of Bride
  • Father of Groom
  • Friends Forever
  • Congratulations
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday
  • Merry Christmas
  • Be My Valentine


Font Styles:

NOTE: Be consistent and avoid mixing font styles. Mixed font styles don't look very appealing and are a visual distraction to the eye.

            Standard Initials:


          Straight Monogram:

Standard Initials           Straight Monogram


Circular Monogram:

Circular Monogram

Diamond Monogram:

Diamond Monogram

Interlocking Monogram:

Interlocking Monogram


Other Important Information:

  Engraving may not always appear exactly as pictured in terms of size or look. 
  Inscriptions are centered within the text area. Images, Logos and Initial(s) are centered where located.
  It is the customer's responsibility to enter complete and accurate information. Double check for spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors before submitting your order. If you realize you have made an error or your order is incomplete, contact us right away to make corrections.
  We reserve the right to make minor changes for proper wording, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, placement, spacing, & character count limitations when necessary for the most pleasing appearance. All capital text will be converted to normal capitalization when necessary if Old English, Script or Vanessa fonts are selected. If your selections are totally inappropriate for the area chosen we will email you with our recommendations.
  Engraving is an irrevocable procedure which once begun or finished cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.
  NO vulgar, obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate text inscriptions will be accepted.